Hello and Thank You for visiting!
I am Janette and I am 40 something who loves fragrances, beauty, and fashion.

I live with my husband Dali in Quebec's Eastern Township in Canada. I got my interests in fashion when I was 18, makeup I found at 16. I have always been keen on beautiful fabrics, colors.
Now I can add gemstones and Swarovski crystals to the list because I am also working with sterling silver to make jewelry. I like to keep myself busy and do what I love the most, share things with others, be an inspiration, connect with others, and maybe find friends.

My WHY I joined Farmasi

Most important thing is that it will support both of us, my jewelry business plans, travel plans.
I want my husband to be able to work from home, maybe biy a new home. I also want to help others to achieve their dreams and be successful in their lives.

I am currently building my team based on sisterhood, team is meant for training, get to know each other, meetings and business updates. We help you to succeed.
My own Sponsor is from Texas as we have become very good friends.

If you are interested to join in, If you have not read yet about becoming a beauty influencer

Or you can join my team from HERE
After this please, send me an email or contact me on social media.. and I will add you to private group.

Janette Metso
Beauty Influencer