If you love makeup and other beauty products, but also show your beautiful makeup for social media, you may be the right person I am looking for!

Farmasi Cosmetics came to Canada on October 1st, 2021. Farmasi is Beauty and Personal care company from Turkey, and they follow EU standards, which means they are cruelty, toxic and halal-free products. They have a large selection of products from makeups to Fragrances, cosmetics for both genders, children’s, haircare, house care, and fitness lines.

Becoming as Independent Influencer is FREE Till end of 2021.

– You will get a free shop, where people can buy the products
– You will get intensive training and sponsor to support your success
– No fees to start up, a welcome kit is optional (30 CAD)
– No Inventory Needed
– No Shipping Needed
– No Monthly or Annual fees
– No monthly sell requirements
– You will get 50% for your own sales through your own links
– You will get 50% off your own personal purchases + free products
– You are able to choose your own work hours
– Work at home or take your work where you are going
– You can decide your way to work, there are 10 ways!
– Work with cruelty and toxic-free products
– You will get rewarded for your work and success

You can download OPPORTUNATY GUIDE, Farmasi Canada Catalogue is downloadble from my shop. I try to have samples and catalogues on my hand for people who are interested to join in.

Contact Me for Sign up or more information. Men are welcome to join!

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You need to click the banner’s button that reads CLICK HERE, which will take you to create your own account. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me.