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Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Ever heard the saying Dress for success? When I heard it the first time I was in my late 30s. I was planning to leave my country to start my new life in Canada. I took security guard classes in Toronto it was there that I was told to “Dress for success”. I had an idea what it meant, but I did not think about it that much afterward.

How we dress in our life brings confidence, makes us feel qualified, and is important when presenting ourselves to the world.

During job interviews, it is important to Dress for success. How we respond during the interview; our body language, manners, hygiene. All comes from confidence. How we feel about ourselves when we Dress for success has a direct impact on confidence and thus success.

Dressing for success doesn’t stop once you have a job, it doesn’t stop at the end of the workday, it doesn’t stop for the weekend. Dressing for success is a way of life.

If you know that work will include working outside in cold winter weather, my advice is to buy warmer clothes for that.

(I have done that mistake once in my life, I was working at the kindergarten, going out with kids that got me sick with pneumonia in the end, and lost my job). But it is also much comfortable to work outside when you are dressed properly, don’t we all agree with that?

Now you may wonder what happened to me? I’ve moved to Canada and I got married. Dressing for success has given me the confidence to feel proud of myself, the confidence to stand up for myself. It has let me achieve many accomplishments by giving me the confidence to try.

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